There will be blood

Publié dans le numéro 1 (mai 2013)

American Film
February 2008
Produced by Paul Thomas Anderson
Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Dillon Freasier, Ciarán Hinds

« Ladies and Gentlemen, take it from me as an oil man – humbly – there aren’t going to be many gushers here at Signal Hill. A field plays out very quick. In two or three years, these wells will be dry – even this discovery well that’s gushing down the road and has everyone so crazy. »

This film is about oil. This film is about a man whose passion for oil will go over the limits. This film is about a man who will bury all his humanity to get the "black gold". Violence, blood, ambition and courage will be the only ways to fulfill his precious dream. No more God. Only power, individualism and money.

In 1902, Daniel Plainview finds oil even though he was just looking for minerals. This oil changes his life and his son’s forever. He establishes a small company which soon expands. In the meantime he meets a family that do not want to sell its land. Big Oil companies such as Standard Oil and Union Oil will not let him conquer the market so easily. The competition is intense. Oil and blood soon cover the land. 

The film is listed on the American Film Institute's 10 Movies of the Year list. It was internationally acclaimed:  “There Will Be Blood is bravura film-making by one of American film's modern masters. Paul Thomas Anderson's epic poem of savagery, optimism and obsession is a true meditation on America. The film drills down into the dark heart of capitalism, where domination, not gain, is the ultimate goal. In a career defined by transcendent performances, Daniel Day-Lewis creates a character so rich and so towering, that "Daniel Plainview" will haunt the history of film for generations to come.”

Daniel Day Lewis performs brilliantly as Daniel Plainview. The character becomes more and more eager to succeed and to “drink the milkshake” of others to expand his empire. Daniel Day Lewis won the Academy Awards as Best Actor as well as other awards.

This is a great masterpiece about men, power and energy! 

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